Every Salesforce application needs the Lightning Experience!


Better adoption with Salesforce Lightning

Create a more responsive interface for your mobile applications through Lightning. Lightning can give your app the means to automatically (and effortlessly) adapt to the look and feel of the device in use. The availability of hundreds of different Lightning components is no less than a guarantee that your app can have all the features that you want.

Data driven decision making

We are well aware of the importance of data while taking decisions. The animated components on the dashboards can help our clients make data-driven decisions after just taking a glance. You can easily access important data like your open and closed sales amount as per their closing dates.

Better Visual Reporting

Boring dashboards can make the decision-making process more time taking than they need. Creating comprehensive and interactive dashboards through Lightning, on the other hand, can communicate more with few characters. Shifting to our easily comprehendible dashboard would not just save you time but also optimise your financial investment in it.

Dynamic Website

Lightning Experience can help the user get the most out of a UI accessible to them. Display your information in a dynamic and visual manner by having full control over when a component appears on the lightning page. This could be done by using filtering conditions and Logic to the selected component’s properties in the Lightning App Builder.

Design for ease of use.

Lightning is constantly working towards the responsiveness of its interface, especially for its mobile applications. By creating a seamless interface that automatically adapts itself across multiple devices, Lightning tries to provide its users with a consistent and enjoyable experience, enhance brand engagement and drive favourable business outcomes all at the same time.

A Forrester TEI study showed that a composite organization

that adopted Lightning saw benefits on the following value dimensions:

Benefits Dimensions

It’s the future. Think about it now!!


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What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is a software that enables people who generally don’t have a programming background to develop apps for their businesses using a component-based framework.

How can Lightning help my business?

With the use of lightning software, you will be able to create an app for your business that can adapt to multiple devices and give out a seamless experience to you. It will also help in better presentation of data.

Will lightning work on mobile devices?

The apps developed using Salesforce Lightning App Builder could be used over mobile phones as well as desktops.

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