Award winning CRM User Experience and User Interface
using Siebel Open UI Expertise of f1Studioz

westjet using Oracle Siebel Open UI

CX Transformation Using Open UI Implementation

Learn how f1studioz helped Westjet transform the customer 360° view

Why Siebel Open UI

  • No ActiveX controls
  • High interactive views
  • Support for all major browsers
  • W3C Standards compliant
  • Support for all devices and operating systems
  • Render applets without compiling SRF


  • Initiative screens/flows
  • Enhanced look and feel UI
  • Increased page speed
  • Easy deployment
  • High customization options
  • Reduced cost of development/testing

Siebel Open UI Configurations

  • Siebel repository

    Predefined/Existing Siebel repository to render the User Interface

  • siebel SRF SWT config

    Configure SRF and SWT using Siebel Open UI to meet user requirements

  • Interactive application

    Transform your Siebel into a more interactive application to understand the data

  • siebel with opeimal UI

    Customize your Siebel Application to render with optimal UI on different devices and OS

  • speeding up pp using siebel open UI

    Speed up your application by refreshing only the part that Siebel Open UI modifies

  • Oracle Siebel Open UI APIs

    Use of predefined Siebel Open UI JavaScript APIs highly helps in reducing the cost of development

  • data rendering

    Rendering data from External Application into
    your Siebel

  • siebel customization

    Use of Web Technologies(HTML ,CSS ,JavaScript ,jQuery) to customize your Siebel application.

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