A New Age Integrated HR Technology Platform.

  • HCM
  • Recruitment
  • Core HR Processes
  • Employee Financials
  • PMS
  • Employee Movement
  • MIS & Analytics
  • Discovery
  • Task Flows
  • Wireframes
  • IA
  • Visual Design

Problem Statement

Today working professionals' product usage for personal needs (e.g Uber, Facebook) and business needs at work are at complete dissonance. Enterprise tools lag far behind today's consumer apps in quality of technology, usability and scalability.

Can we bridge this new "digital divide" and build HRMS Platform that is as effective as their daily use products.

The application shall keep in mind the various facets of today’s Professional who is informed, wishes to be connected, on-the-go, for whom getting the work done is more important than doing the work about work.

Design Challenge

  • How to UBERIFY HRMS space?
  • Enterprise products are always complex, but their UX need not be.
  • Can a productivity tool like HRMS be as engaging as a Consumer application?

How We Date

Listen & Understand


Listen & Understand

Ask More Questions

Ask More Questions



Role Based Work Flow

One of the key tasks in Enterprise Applications is to understand the BIG picture and focus on the right problems. Employees and HRs play the key roles in determining the effective usage and engagement of the HRMS product. We focused on how to simplify their daily tasks and make them more productive. There is no second chance for first impression One other goal was to make sure the application was self service and had very low touch points in-terms of support. Hence all the initial steps in setup process for Admin were simplified


Wireframe speaks volume we strongly believe design helps in fine-tuning product requirements, sometimes wireframes helps product teams to understand how complex or simple the solutions is turning to. Hence we do not hesitate to wireframe our ideas and get early feedback from the stakeholders. This helps both the parties to deep dive into design marathons.

Love Making Begins

Android native mobile app

Straight from my heart

The first thing that strikes you when you see Darwinbox is its simplicity in design; a refreshing change from the norm. We wanted a platform that can adapt to our frequently changing needs and Darwinbox has been the right choice.


COO & Co-founder, Delhivery
Source: www.darwinbox.com

Refreshing to see a HRMS solution which is simple, intuitive and easy to navigate. We wanted technology to work for us and make our processes more robust. The platform provided us the flexibility to build modules customized to our internal requirement.


Director and Head Human Resources, Nivea
Source: www.darwinbox.com

Moving to Darwinbox has made us wonder how we survived before it happened , the product is comprehensive, built with great attention to detail and is highly differentiated from most other HRMS products in the market


CEO, Swiggy
Source: www.darwinbox.com

Intuitive designs and superior user experience have always been our key differentiators and we couldn’t have got a better partner than F1 in bringing our product vision to life. Their hardwork in creating beautiful, functional designs while improving their usability is being greatly appreciated by our clients and one of our key growth drivers.

Chaitanya Peddi

Co-Founder DarwinBox
Source: www.darwinbox.com